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Protest Your King County Property Tax Assessment

Protest Your King County Property Tax Assessment

General Facts about King County Property Tax Assessments:

King County property owners who believe the assessed value of their property exceeds its true value may appeal following the receipt of the Assessor’s revaluation notice by timely filing a petition to the King County Board of Equalization on OR before July 1st of the assessment year OR within sixty (60) calendar days after the date listed on the Assessor’s value change notice (whichever date is later).

How to Appeal

Filing an appeal with the BOE only requires the submission of two sets of the BOE’s petition form. As long as your petition includes sufficient information or statements to apprise the Board and the Assessor of the reasons why you believe the Assessor’s determination is incorrect, it is not necessary to include all the documentary evidence you intend to submit within you initial filing.

Assessor’s Response to Your Appeal

You can expect a response from the Assessor in two to six months. Based on the evidence included within your petition, the Assessor may choose to recommend an adjustment in the assessed value. If this occurs and you agree to the Assessor’s stipulated or recommended value amount, the need for a hearing will likely be eliminated. About 20 to 25 percent of the petitions filed each year are resolved in this manner.

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