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Short Sales and Your Credit

Short Sales and Your Credit

Effects of short sales:

  • 200-300 point reduction on your FICO score, depending on the borrower.
  • Inability to obtain a mortgage for at least 24 months.

Effects of late payments:

  • 30-60 day late payments: an “isolated occurrence” (do not have 30-60 day late payments on multiple accounts) does not cause long-term damage to your credit.
  • 90-120+ day late payments: drop credit score for the long haul (around 7 years).

Effects of collections (post-short sale deficiencies) and debt settlement:

  • Credit score will suffer with both; with debt settlement, however, you will eventually repay your debt and thus, help to rebuild your credit score.
  • Do not simply leave your debt hanging with collections in hopes that they will charge off the loan. They will continue to report that you are in default of “installment payments,” etc. They can do this for years. It is better to settle your debt and move on. You especially do not want additional 90 day late payments reported as your credit score at that point will drop significantly.

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